REVI Consult Management Consultants was created as a simple brand in the early 90s; in 1993, it incorporated into a limited liability company with a capital of 20,000,000 Italian Lire.

The idea developed by the founders, all business consultants for several years and distinguished from the members of the sister company Revi&Partners, was originally to offer global services to SMEs, namely, real cross-cutting corporate consultancy that, during the analysis and re-engineering phases, could capture all interconnected critical issues, from organization and marketing to finance and human resource management, analyzing solutions also in light of the current tax, corporate, commercial and labor laws, etc.

In short, from the very start, the final aim was to provide “turnkey” solutions and answers, at a reasonable price and assuming precise responsibilities, including in the operational phases of implementation of both the project and any new systems.

Indeed, it was clear to the partners that in considering significant investments in management consultancy, a SME’s challenge was to concretely follow up on (even excellent) theoretical analysis, achieving the desired benefits as soon as possible and in a tangible manner.

Hence, the initial idea expanded to include “on-the-job” training, so that our clients’ human resources could get help directly in their workplace.
Between 1994 and 1995, thanks to our partner Padrini - at that time a freelance lecturer at the University of Turin, teaching Public Accounting at Prof. Volpato’s Chair - REVI Consult was certainly among the first consulting companies in Italy to customize experimentation and consultancy activities for small- and medium-sized public administrations in Northern Italy, designing and implementing advanced organizational, planning and control systems.
Between 1993 and 1996, our Company defined its own methodologies and procedures, among which, e.g. our Check-Up, Diagnostic Analysis and workload evaluation systems.

In 2000, the REVI Consult methodologies for management control were recognized by the Province of Turin and proposed to its Municipalities.
In recent years, REVI Consult’s fast growth led to the acquisition of important clients both in the “Profit” and “Non-Profit” sectors, and the further consolidation of its expertise, including in the “Energy service utilities” sector.

Since 1999, our Company has been extending its services in collaboration with local partners, becoming the point of reference for a variety of services, including those of administrative nature, provided to foreign multinationals that wish to establish and control their business in Italy.

In 2000, REVI Consult was accredited by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Bolzano for inclusion in the directory of consultants and companies offering specialized services in the field of internationalization and technological innovation.

In 2006, REVI Consult moved to its new and modern offices at the Global Center, in the Bolzano Sud industrial area. Over the last decade, REVI Consult has been focusing on internationalization, establishing permanent partnerships with a number of foreign countries (Albania, South America, Eastern Europe) for cross-border collaboration projects.

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Iscrizione nell'elenco delle società di revisione istituito dalle Commissioni per le Cooperative delle Province di Trento e Bolzano

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