In the financial and international sectors, Reviconsult aggregates finance, law & tax skills with the aim of supporting and/or reorganizing a group of companies starting from its Holding, or accompanying closed-end funds or finance companies in their mission of enhancing their portfolio. We provide assistance when it comes to making choices and implementing operations required to open foreign branches, J&V or M&A transactions, supporting Management with any related financial plans, individual extraordinary finance transactions and any other business. Moreover, for over twenty years, Reviconsult has been the trusted partner of some foreign corporate groups, including publicly traded companies which seek to carry out business in Italy, operate a permanent establishment or set up a corporate branch. In these projects, we provide foreign Management structures with 360-degree assistance, addressing any need, and as a trusted outsourcer for complex management and administrative activities, enabling them to achieve compliance with national statutory and regulatory provisions, and, at the same time, implement the applicable corporate and administrative procedures.