We are convinced that the considerable amount of regulations issued over the last few years and the increasing orientation towards risk management (see Legislative Decree 231/2001, Legislative Decree 231/2002, ISO 9001:2015, etc.) require great multidisciplinary capacity from management consultants who operate in the strategies, planning, finance and control, business and human resource organization, and corporate administration areas.


REVICONSULT’s mission is to assist private and public entities with high-standing but concrete services, enhancing the most practical and less burdensome solutions at the same pace and with the same urgency that SMEs today are compelled to apply.


  • pursues an image of sobriety and honorability and rejects purely commercial and advertising practices;
  • only accepts assignments under normal and reasonable compensation conditions;
  • is strongly opposed to discounted compensation just for the sake of securing assignments;
  • does not look to expand at the expense of quality and risk minimization;
  • relies upon an independent network with high technical and human skills, composed by colleagues specialized in a variety of professional areas, and thus may tackle multidisciplinary challenges.